UECNA activist onder valse voorwendsels toegang geweigerd op JFK Airport.

Press Release


Dated 1st October 2011:  For immediate use


Heathrow Campaigner John Stewart barred from entering America


Heathrow Campaigner John Stewart has been barred from entering America.  Stewart, who was prominent in the campaign against the third runway, was turned back at JFK airport on Thursday after six hours of question by the FBI, the Secret Service and the American Immigration Service.  No reason was given.


Stewart had been invited by American aviation campaigners to talk about the success in stopping further expansion plans at Heathrow.


Stewart, the long-time Chair of HACAN, which represents residents under the Heathrow flight paths, said, “The drama started when I was escorted off the plane at JFK Airport.  I was then questioned by the American authorities for 6 hours before being put on the next plane back to Heathrow.   The authorities seem to have been concerned that direct action formed a part of the third runway campaign.  But, in truth, it remains a mystery, particularly as I did not participate in the direct action and don’t have a criminal record.”


Stewart added, “I had never before made a transatlantic flight and now I have made two within 24 hours!  But, more seriously, since they gave no reason it simply seems the American authorities wanted to keep me out of the country because I was centrally involved in the Heathrow campaign.  It will not affect my speaking engagements in America as I will be skyped into them but it is worrying if the American authorities are barring people entry just because they don’t agree with their views.




For more information:

John Stewart on 0207 737 6641; 07957385650