Progress of Environmental Noise Directive (END): timing for revision + action points


The Commission (DG Environment) is now preparing a study on the implementation of the END which will be published at the end of March 2011 at the latest. The study would use the results of the reports published this year by consultancies (link to reports) and include some more recent data provided by Member States (action plans and maps). It will also describe in its conclusion several options for the revision of the END. The Commission will send this study to the European Parliament (EP) and Members States (MS) and it will be subject to a public consultation for all stakeholders (~ April 2011).


Based on the reactions by EP, MS, and stakeholders, the Commission will decide whether or not they want to propose a revision of the Directive to Council and EP. In any case, if they go for a revision, it will not be published before 2012 because they need to do a complete impact assessment before the official publication (expected to last 9 months!).


In this very lengthy process, there are still ways we can contribute to the Commission work:


-          Organise a conference in Brussels to discuss the future of EU noise policy (looking both at sources of noise and the revision of the END)

> Timing: beginning 2011 (e.g. February), preferably right after the WHO publishes its reports on risk assessment of environmental noise. It will be shortly before the Commission’s finishes its study on the END, which would allow us to have some ‘influence’ on the conclusions on policy options.

-          Participate in the public consultation in March/April 2011.


I will coordinate with other T&E and HEAL and come back to you with possible dates for a conference. In the meantime, I would encourage you to share any comments you have on these action points and propose any ideas you find relevant.