De 'DG Move' van de Europese Commissie beseft niet wat hoge vluchtfrequentie met de gezondheid doet.

"Below are the presentations given to, and a webcast of, the conference on aircraft noise I was at in Brussels on Wednesday. It was organized by the Green Group of MEPs in the Parliament.

The three presentations which may be of most interest are the young woman from WHO, who speaks just after me (probably about 15 minutes in), Marco who works in DG Environment - the Environmental section of the Commission somewhere towards the middle and then, in the last section, the presentation from the representative of DG Move the Transport section of the Commission who drew up the Airports Package

His presentation will maker you furious! It is very clear that they have systematically demolished the Airports Noise Directive and replaced it with the Airports Package which is essentially a green light to increase the number of planes using the airports. It is not the end of the story, though.


If you are interested in the presentations or in fact the web-stream of the meeting itself, please look here:


Best wishes from the Green TRAN team,



Bekijk de presentaties


Aircraft Noise


Airport Noise and Health


Result of Mapping Useful


Towardd better rules on airport noise management


De presentatie van de ambtenaar van DG MOVE mbt het Airports Package is gevaarlijk. Het komt erop neer dat het aantal vluchten omhoog gaat en dat onderwonenden minder bescherming krijgen dan ze nu hebben