The October edition of the AirportWatch bulletin is attached, and it is also on the AirportWatch website at
The October bulletin contains:
Page 1
- Court of Appeal tells BAA to sell Stansted and either Edinburgh or Glasgow
- UN Assembly (ICAO) fails to deliver on cutting international aviation's carbon emissions
Page 2
- Statement by AEF, T&E and EDF on the failure of the ICAO resolution to limit international aviation growth
Page 3
- Aircraft fuel use to increase 3 - 3.5% a year for years to come, says ICAO -  while they hope for 2% efficiency savings
- Statement from John Stewart, Chair of AirportWatch
- Phillip Hammond says aviation has grown because it has been lightly taxed and it should pay more
Page 4
- Bristol Airport ?150m expansion plans given the go-ahead by government
-  "End Domestic Flights" demos at London City and Manchester Airports on 4th September
-  Legal challenge by Fight the Flights against Newham's decision, in London, on 18 - 19th November
Page 5
-  BA plans major transatlantic push at London City Airport
- TCN airspace changes postponed by NATS following drop in flights
-  More noise for London residents during Heathrow runway repairs
Page 6
- Heathrow wins Carbon Trust award for saving energy ......?
- Updates on Luton Airport  - Noise policy fails first test, and updates
Page 7
-  Birmingham Airport ?65 million runway extension scheme may get funding
-  Plans to allow night flights from Manston Airport (Kent) received by Thanet council
Page 8
-  New Manston night flights blog spot launched
-  Gatwick's plans to end playing `Second Child' to Heathrow
-  Southend gets an award for  ...... obtaining planning permission for a runway extension without a public enquiry
Page 9
IATA says global airlines show improved profitability, and 11% growth in 2010
-  Ryanair to pull out of Belfast City Airport at end of October
-  Belfast City residents appalled by failure to enforce noise regulations
-  Living under a flight path 'can increase your risk of heart attack'- New Swiss study
Page 10
-  MIT study finds aircraft emissions at cruise altitude contribute to 8,000 premature deaths per year worldwide
- Lydd Airport inquiry may cost the taxpayer ?150,000
-  Global air cargo up +19.6% in August and up 23% in July
-  Useful Info  (including a link to the brilliant song by Fascinating Aida, on "cheap" flights - great if you need a laugh)
Hope you find the updates interesting. 
There is a great deal more that has been going on, but no space to include everything here.
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