Voorspellingen van gigantische groei koolstofuitstoot vliegtuigen binnen 40 jaar 

The August edition of the AirportWatch bulletin is attached, and it is also on the AirportWatch website at


The August edition of the AirportWatch bulletin is attached, and it is also on the AirportWatch website at
Yesterday the long awaited, and much delayed, response by the Department for Transport to the Committee on Climate Change, on how aviation's carbon emissions might be kept within UK climate change targets, was published.  Also the updated air passenger forecasts up to 2050, and the aviation carbon dioxide forecasts. The previous forcasts were in 2009.
Forecasts of growth are still very high, but a little less so than from earlier forecasts or from the 2003 Air Transport White Paper.  They are remarkably optimistic in estimates of the large numbers who will be flying in 30 or 40 years' time.  The forecasts of the future carbon emissions from UK aviation show huge growth.  The DfT documents do not give the answers, and there are many areas of uncertainty - including on extensive use of biofuels by the aviation industry in coming decades.  AirportWatch has given some initial comments, but more time will be needed to digest all the details of the DfT reports thoroughly.
Due to the delay in releasing the two reports, the DfT has extended the consultation period for the aviation Scoping Document from 30th September, to 20th October, to allow people time to digest the CCC response and the forecasts, and take account of them in their consultation responses.  The Scoping Document is at http://www2.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/2011-09/consultationdocument.pdf and responses can be sent to   Email: aviation.policyframework@dft.gov.uk 
This bulletin contains pieces on:
Page 1
- Department for Transport response to the Committee on Climate Change on future UK aviation growth, and new passenger and CO2 forecasts
Page 2
- From the Chairman
- EasyJet announces its intended routes from Southend from April 2012, if the runway extension is built by then
- Court of Appeal refuses Southend campaigners application for Judicial Review on runway extension
Page 3
- Competition Commission final ruling:  BAA must sell off two airports  � Stansted and either Glasgow or Edinburgh
- America:  making links across the pond � by John Stewart
Page 4
- New Heathrow flight plan is in for bumpy ride - there may be more day flights though perhaps fewer night flights
- Richmond Council stands firm on opposition to Heathrow night flights
Page 5
- Heathrow named Olympics host airport. May build temporary terminal for it and may use courier jets for the Olympians� luggage and equipment
- Biggin Hill airport's 2012 Olympics expansion plans rejected � but other Kent airports are still hopeful of Olympic business
- Carlisle Airport planning decision postponed till late August at the earliest as plans appear unrealistic
Page 6
- Two miles of 9 foot high fencing missing from Lydd Airport planning application: Public inquiry likely to be delayed
- Manston airport threatens it �may close� if its night flights bid is rejected
Page 7
- Giant airport in Kent would improve life... 'for Londoners'
- Birmingham Airport increases profits 8-fold last year but not keen on having competition
- Blackpool Airport fury over permission for 73 homes that would block its growth
Page 8
- Shipping shows aviation the way on climate being the first to agree a global CO2 reduction strategy
- Another cargo aircraft carrying batteries crashes - off South Korea
- Finnair flies commercial flight Amsterdam to Helsinki on 50% cooking oil
- SWAFEA final report "lays groundwork for the deployment of sustainable aviation biofuels in Europe"
Page 9
- Thomson Airways' 50% cooking oil biofuel flight grounded after fuel delivery hitch
- Obama announces major investment towards developing aviation advanced biofuels sector in the US
- European airlines seek exemption from EU emission trading scheme
- Ireland backtracks on air tax pledge so the �3 air tax remains
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