AirportWatch bulletin, October 2014
Wall Street Journal weerreporter zweert na vernietigend IPCC rapport in tranen dat hij nooit meer vliegt.

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The Montreal talks of ICAO on agreeing measures to limit international aviation emissions are continuing, and the most recent updates from the NGOs attending the talks are -sadly - not very encouraging. A report back today included the comments: "Industry and some countries are arguing further that the EU ETS should shrink to intra-EU only (i.e. the ‘stop the clock’ scenario of last year extended indefinitely) which in their view would resolve most of the problems with foreign carriers/countries and the mutual agreement issue" and "There has virtually been no focus on the provisions re a global MBM - yet. The future of the EU ETS at least from ICAO’s perspective is clearly very much on the line".
The American aviation campaign, "Flying Clean" at least livened things up by buzzing the ICAO meeting with a small plane, towing the floating, and very apt, message "You Can't Spell Procrastination without ICAO".  There are photos showing their banner at
The period for comment to the Airports Commission has now ended, and they are chewing over all the evidence submitted.  Without Geoff Muirhead as one of the Commissioners, since he had to stand down, due to his conflict of interest with MAG and Stansted.
Meanwhile the media is full of stories about competing claims of Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted - claims and counter claims.  All now set against the chilling background of the IPCC report, confirming the need to cut anthropogenic carbon emissions. A recent article in the New Scientist sums it up succinctly:  "IPCC digested: Just leave the fossil fuels underground"  though the chance of such effective action in any meaningful time-scale is remote.
Weird and unpredictable things continue to happen.  We have been alerted to news of a flight into Heathrow having to make an emergency landing with 390 cows (yes, cows) onboard, which had activated sensors, due to the extra humidity. Details at   And it is not only cows. There are many reports of large numbers of pigs being flown. A flight from Winnipeg to Chengdu, in Chiana’s Sichuan province in July 2012, carried 850 breeding pigs.  AirBridge Cargo crammed 1,275 breeding pigs onto a Boeing 747 flight from Montreal to Vladivostock in 2011. Details at
Perhaps there is a lead to be followed from a Wall Street Journal weather reporter, Eric Holthaus, who on reading the report of the IPCC, apparently burst into tears, and tweeted (it has gone very public) that would be his last ever flight, (he flew a lot) and he would henceforth give up flying, for the sake of the climate. 
Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus
The October bulletin contains the following:

Page 1
- GACC says Gatwick site is too cramped and constrained for an efficient 2nd runway
- Study finds a 2nd Gatwick runway could require 40,000 new houses, a town the size of Crawley
Page 2
- Essex County Council submission to Airports Commission warns against “super-airport” at Stansted
- Ryanair added 138 jobs per extra million passengers 2011 – 2013, but claim 1,000 jobs are created per additional million passengers
- MAG/Ryanair 10 year growth agreement at Stansted to increase Ryanair passengers by 50%
Page 3
- Global analysis of aviation CO2 shows Heathrow far above any other global airport and UK 9th highest aviation CO2 per capita
- AirportWatch calls on Airports Commission to safeguard communities under threat of blight from airport proposals
Page 4
- Geoff Muirhead steps down from his position at the Airports Commission
- Airports Commission publish long term airport capacity, short and medium term capacity proposals – and plans for its Phase 2 work
- From John Stewart, Chair of AirportWatch
Page 5
- FoI request reveals TfL has spent £1.4 million so far, with a budget of £3 million, on promoting Thames estuary airport (or Stansted)
- German elections bring hope for Frankfurt campaigners
- Munich campaigners believe they can see off a 3rd runway
- A Europe-wide bid to end night flights and tax subsidies to aviation
Page 6
- Over 8,000 people say ‘non’ to new Nantes Airport
- European Commission wants to legalise state aid to airports and airlines
Page 7
- Boris objects to proposed cap by EU on state aid to airports – his estuary schemes would need minimum £20-30 billion from government
- Some details of how much European governments bail out failing national airlines
- Heathrow Airport offers funding to residents who back a 3rd runway
Page 8
- Heathrow trial provides respite for 100,000 people
- Heathrow tries to make out that a 3rd runway and thousands more flights can help cut noise from flights
- New short HACAN report giving a flavour of the stress caused to thousands of Londoners from Heathrow aircraft noise
Page 9
- Third runway at Heathrow would mean local surface transport chaos
- Labour leader Ed Miliband warns Sir Howard on risks of extra Heathrow runways
- Plan for huge airport in the Severn Estuary, “Severnside Airport”, submitted to Airports Commission
Page 10
- “Flying Clean” Alliance buzz ICAO talks trailing “Can’t Spell Procrastination Without ICAO” banner
-  Deal time in Montreal – the 50/50 basis solution for the ETS ?
Page 11
- Carbon neutral goal for aviation won’t neutralise its climate impact  – it needs Market Based Measures too
- Environmental NGOs call for ICAO to bring forward global MBM adoption to 2015 for implementation in 2016
- IPCC report says human influence on climate is clear.  Target of staying below 2 degrees C rise in global temperature harder to attain
Page 12
- Major fossil fuel reserves must be left in the ground to protect climate, senior diplomat warns
- Date set for February 2014 for Hearing at the High Court into Stobart’s Carlisle airport plans
- Opposition in Kerala in south west India to building of a new airport at Aranmula
Page 13
- London City Airport submits expansion plans to Newham Council – to enable 50,000 more aircraft movements per year 
- RSPB organized an email action to write to Sir Howard Davies, to remind him not to forget biodiversity, habitat and climate
- Stunned by IPCC report’s content, Wall Street Journal weather man tweets his last flight – given up flying, for the sake of the climate
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AirportWatch bulletin for October  
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