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The Airports Commission has today held its first public evidence session, on climate change and on connectivity, in Manchester.  The AEF (Aviation Environment Federation) and WWF UK gave evidence on climate, and Brian Ross from SSE (Stop Stansted Expansion) gave evidence on connectivity. The second public evidence session takes place tomorrow, in London, with two sessions on operational models of airport. (It may still be possible to attend, but it is necessary to email the Commission beforehand to obtain a place.  To ).
The many and various airport/runway proposals to the Airports Commission have to be in by 19th July, so a little flurry of publicity is expected next week. There may be around 30 proposals for 5 sites. The Commission has said it will publish all these on its website in September.
The Commission's most recent discussion paper, expected to be the last, has been put out for consultation. It is on noise. The deadline for comment is the 6th September.  It is not a technically difficult paper, so it is possible for non-experts to comment - though the timescale is rather short, and right over the main summer holiday period. Aviation noise,
A group of representatives from some of the airport community groups recently met the Airports Commission. They strongly argued the case that due to future use of larger aircraft, airport capacity requirements can be met, even with a larger number of passengers. They urged the Airports Commission to set out the case for ‘no new runway’ as one of the options, and to publish that alongside the short-list of new runway plans that they are due to publish in December.
Very recently there has been a letter sent from the Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, Lord Deben, to Sir Howard Davies (Chairman of the Airports Commission, reminding him that UK aviation demand can only grow by at most 60% by 2050.  Many of the more exuberant aspirations of the aviation industry anticipate much more growth than that. But Lord Deben reminds Sir Howard that the rest of the UK economy is expected to cut its carbon emissions by more than 85% (compared to 1990) by 2050, while the aviation sector merely has to keep its emissions to their level in 2005. And thus, if the aviation sector is permitted to increase the number of passengers by more than 60% of 2005 levels by 2050, the rest of the UK would have to make even greater cuts than 85% - which the CCC does not believe is likely.
Lord Deben ends his letter saying: "Given the need to limit aviation demand growth in a carbon constrained world, we recommend that this should be reflected in your economic analysis of alternative investments. For example, for each investment, you should assess whether this would make sense if demand growth were to be limited to 60% by 2050. We would be very happy to come and discuss these issues with you and the Commission if that would be useful."
The July Bulletin Contents:  AirportWatch bulletin July 2013
Page 2
- Committee on Climate Change reminds Airports Commission of carbon restriction on aviation growth
- From John Stewart, Chair of AirportWatch
Page 3
- Waiting on Heathrow’s Runway Decision ...
- Heathrow report backing its case to grow as UK hub – but it would need public funding for expansion
- 3rd runway would kill historic opportunity to improve noise climate for Heathrow residents
Page 4
- Aviation Noise discussion paper launched by Airports Commission
- Airports Commission holding public evidence sessions on 9th & 10th July on climate, connectivity and operational models
- Local airport campaigns issue unanimous message to Airports Commission  – no new south east runways are needed
Page 5
- CAA produces its consultation on its statutory duty to provide information (including environmental information)
- Birmingham Airport adverts and plan for growth, up to 70 million passengers per year, new business park etc etc
Page 6
- Southend Airport campaign: SAEN asks for help with legal challenge to night flights
- Over 1,000 claims for compensation from Southend Airport due to loss in value of homes, because of aircraft noise
Page 7
- Bigger terminal at revamped Southend Airport – now with increased numbers of Thomson and First Choice flights
- GACC warns of widespread blight being caused by runway proposals submitted to Airports Commission
- GACC submits response to Airports Commission discussion on airport operational models
Page 8
- Newcastle Airport in Court of Appeal over blame for excessive bonus payments
- European Aviation Campaigners’ Conference - and Manifesto
- European Commission consults on state aid
Page 9
- European Commission defends €3bn annual subsidies for airports and low-cost airlines
- Nantes continues protesting ...with a huge summer gathering on 3rd/4th August
- Hogg Robinson reports more business trips being made by rail including Eurostar
Page 10
- Redhill Aerodrome hard runway plans rejected
- Carlisle airport resurfacing & freight centre still held up by High Court ruling
- Update from the No Estuary Airport Campaign
Page 11
- World Bank study shows carbon footprint of First Class passengers can be up to 9 times that in Economy
- Questions asked by London Assembly about the BA plane with a burning engine flying over millions of Londoners
- The 50,000 mile journey of Wimbledon’s tennis balls during their production
Page 12
- ABTA publicises report, to be submitted to Airports Commission, on value of leisure aviation to UK economy
- Total and Amyris working on jet fuel from GM yeasts using sugarcane
- Siemens & LanzaTech to develop fuel from steel industry waste CO2 & CO
- Useful Info